Wednesday Night Classes

On Wednesday nights we currently offer 3 classes: one for pre-k to 3rd  grade, one for 4th Grade through 8th Grade, and the other for 9th grade to 12th. During these classes, your Children and Youth will be learning about the Holy Bible by having the Biblical truths simplified to their level. Our Tween/Middle School class will deal with the issues that a  Middle Schooler will face. Our Youth class also focuses on High School issues like peer pressure, the need and importance of abstinence, staying away from drugs, etc.. We are thankful for those who teach our Children and Youth, as they are examples for these young people to follow.

Note: We are not currently having  Wednesday Night Services due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hopefully conditions will continue to improve and remain stable and we will be able to announce in 2022 a date for our Wednesday Night Services to resume.