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Mission Trips that We have Supported!

Here at Boiling Springs Baptist Church we have sponsored several mission trips throughout the years that have involved several of our members. Here are some of those mission trips.


  • Multiple Trips to the Red Springs Mission Camp

  • Shelby Mission Camp

  • Bronx, NY Apartment Remodel for workers @ Graffiti

  • 2012 Mission Trip to Africa- Built Faith in Action Baptist Church

  • Multiple trips to the Alpha & Omega Children’s home- Built Caretakers home as well as Sunday School classes.

  • 2015 Guayna- Built Jungle Church & Pastor Melville’s home

  • Multiple Trips to Assist Dean Crane Ministries

  • Welch, WV- Repair Flood damage to church

  • Bradshaw, WV- Roof for Church Member

  • Looneyville, WV- Roof for Pastor

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