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About us


           Welcome to the website of Boiling Springs Baptist Church, of Purlear, NC.  From our founding in 1932, we have long been a influential part of our community. We have long been a stanch supporter of missions, whether they be local, state, or international. You might be wondering why we have a .church domain. This is very simple, as we wish to differentiate ourselves from others. You see, we want the whole world to know that we are not an organization, like a country club or a civic club that is exclusive. Instead we are a living body of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who gather together every week to worship our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our doors are open to everyone, because Jesus died for the whole world, and during Jesus' ministry here on Earth he went to those who the "religious" considered to be undesirable, like tax collectors and prostitutes. Today we strive to do the same here at Boiling Springs and show all of those who the world has forgotten that we do love you and want to minister to you both with your physical needs and with the good news of Jesus Christ. We are all sinners in need of the same Savior, and we want to invite your family to come join us so we can love on you and introduce you to the rest of our church family while we focus on our exclusive focus and goal, which is to put Jesus Christ first before anything else in our lives, both in worship and service to him and in everything that we do in our lives. After all we do strive to Connect with God, Connect with others, and Connect Others with God!

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