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Our Deacons

We here at Boiling Springs are very thankful for our Deacons. If you need to get in contact with any of our active Deacons, please feel free to call them. Their phone numbers are listed below. They will be more than willing to help you.


Fred Martin: Chairman of our Deacon Board

Home Phone #: 336-973-3610

Cell Phone #: 336-452-0499

Chad Lapish

Home Phone #: 336-973-8309

Cell Phone #: 336-452-8180


Steve Jenkins

Home Phone #: 336-838-0930

Cell Phone #: 336-466-9417

Jerry Eller
Home Phone #: 336-973-4107
Cell Phone #: 336-452-4127 

Jeff Phipps
Home Phone #: 336-973-3991
Cell Phone #: 336-984-6761


Raymond Eller

Home Phone #: 336-973-8086

Cell Phone #: 828-773-3960

James Parker
Currently Inactive

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