Sunday School

We are very happy to offer your family several opportunities for small group Bible study, each Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM. We currently have 6 Sunday School classes, with 3 being for our children and youth and 3 for adults. Our Sunday School is our primary small group Bible Study, and that setting is beloved by many in our church. Most of our Sunday School classes use our Church's Sunday School Literature, which is called "Bible Studies for Life" that is from LifeWay Christian Resources, if not then they will take directly from the Bible. Our Sunday School Director is Kyle Parker, and if you have any questions on Sunday School, you can contact him at our church email at

Special Announcement: Due to the Delta Variant of COVID-19, we have been forced to re-suspend our Sunday School. When we do resume we will be using the Fall 2021 Quarterly, but it is likely that we will not resume Sunday School until sometime in 2022 (After the current wave ends we will wait several months to see if conditions improve since we do not want to keep starting and stopping Sunday School every few months, plus as we already know COVID-19 tends to spread during the winter months).

Click on the Logo from Lifeway Christian Resources and you can see a preview of what we teach in most of our Sunday School classes.