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Our Children and Youth

 Our children and youth are very important here at Boiling Springs Baptist Church. From involving our children in our worship service through our "Children's Story" with Ms. Vicki, to involving our Youth in Missions. We here at Boiling Springs Baptist Church do not subscribe to the idea that our Children and Youth are "the future of the church."  Instead we know from God's Word that our Children and Youth that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are a part of the family of God! Yes, it is true that our Children and Youth are the future church leaders, but many would have you believe that they are not a part of the church now, which is absolutely a lie. We are focused on making sure our Children and Youth know that Jesus loves them, even if no one else in this world does and that through God's Grace they have hope in this world. We also do not believe in describing what we do with our Children and Youth as a "program," since we are gathering with family that loves each other and that worships our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We believe that our Children and Youth represents our best opportunity to having a spiritual awakening in this world. The Bible also tells us that we should have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. We are working very hard through the power of the Holy Spirit to build a Biblical Foundation that is focused on the glorious truth of Jesus Christ for our Children and Youth that will stay with them for all eternity! Please be praying for us as we seek God's Will in the future of our children and youth ministries. 

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