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All regular services have been canceled until further notice due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Once conditions allow for us to resume regular services, we will let everyone know. (Do Note that once in-person services resume that steps will be taken to help keep the congregation safe)


Unfortunately we do not have the ability to "live-stream" services during the pandemic, so instead we will be relying on our current equipment that we use to film on normal Sundays. We will be releasing new sermons from Pastor Joey every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM on our YouTube Channel "Boiling Springs Baptist", which is when our regular Worship Service is.  We are in uncharted waters as a church body during this pandemic, but we are confident that God will use this crisis to lead more sons and daughters into the kingdom.  So please help us to share Pastor Joey's Sermons over the next few weeks while we use the tools of social media to continue to obey the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition, right now we will however be posting old sermons on Wednesdays on our Facebook page (sometimes we need to be reminded of sermons and the Bible never gets old) for our "Retro" Wednesday. Again we will announce when we will be resuming our Regular Services. Thank you for your help and always remember "God is good all the time!" 

During the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we do still have bills, salaries, and people who may come with need of monetary help to pay for. In order for us to continue in ministry during this time we need your help to ensure that we are able to meet all of our monetary obligations. We know that many have lost jobs and might not be able to give right now and that's more than okay. It is not feasible at this time for a church our size to offer a online donation portal. Instead what we are asking is if you wish to give during this time, please mail your check to the following address:


Boiling Springs Baptist Church

c/o Carolyn Eller

881 Boiling Springs Road

Purlear, NC 28665

 Thank you for helping us with your offering as we continue to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  and for your offering. 

Special Announcement: Until further notice we will not be having Sunday School due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. When we resume Sunday School, we will be continuing with the 3/22/20 lesson and finish the Spring 2020 Quarterly that you currently have. 

Due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, we will be postponing our scheduled sessions of the Sunday School Done Right Study. Due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, we will be postponing our scheduled sessions of the Sunday School Done Right Study. It has been determined that by the time that we are able to resume the study that we will be preparing for the new church year. Therefore we are going to wait until the new church year begins and resume the study on Sunday September 20, 2020, so that if we have any new Sunday School teachers/workers that they can have time to catch up and resume with us on session 3/4 (we will review session 1/2).  (Note for Sunday School teachers/workers: Once we resume having services in our Sanctuary, we will begin to discuss how to resume Sunday School (will likely start with joint adult class with children and Youth Classes (potentially on Wednesday to start))

Here is a listing of upcoming Sessions of Sunday School Done Right as of right now:

  • Sunday September 20th- Session 3 and 4

  • Sunday October 4th-Sessions 5 and 6

All of our events are listed down below in our Church event's calendar!

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