From time to time, we here at Boiling Springs Baptist Church have fundraisers to support our mission projects that we as a church have. We will be having a Pork Barbecue fundraiser on November 4, 2022 with pick-up beginning at 11:30 AM. This will be the first fundraiser that we have had since the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began in 2020. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be going toward WOM and Brotherhood projects. We will be having BBQ Sandwiches with chips and a desert.  The cost has gone up to $6.00 per order due to inflation. You can now place your order for your BBQ by using the form down below. You will need to pay either when you come to the church to get your orders or when we deliver them to you. Do note if you do need some sandwiches with slaw and some without that you will need to complete two forms (one for orders with slaw and another for those without slaw). Note on delivery is that we will only deliver to you if you have 5 or more orders.